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Smoothies are a delicious and effective way to increase your daily dose of fruit and vegetables. Quickly prepared in a mixer with some water.

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Generally, smoothies are a great way to add fruit and vegetables to your diet and power you through the day. Be careful to pay attention to the sugar content. Some smoothie companies include added sugar. Our smoothies are a combination of fruit and vegetables paired with a dash of coconut cream. Discover our raspberry smoothie, mango smoothie, berry smoothie and green smoothie!

Whenever you want! Whether as a quick breakfast or an on-the-go snack–there’s no wrong time for a smoothie.

Our smoothies are very versatile. You can enjoy them as a classic drink or as a slightly thicker smoothie bowl. All you need is 200ml of water and a blender. Combine water and frozen ingredients and blend to desired consistency. For optimal outcomes, we recommend investing in a good quality blender.

A smoothie bowl is nothing more than a smoothie with a slightly thicker texture. It is therefore typically ‘eaten’ as opposed to drunk. Freshly blended, the Every. Smoothies are nice and creamy and more suitable as a smoothie bowl. If you let it sit for 10-20 minutes after blending, the ice crystals will melt, making the texture more liquid.

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