The mission of Every.? That delicious plant-based food becomes accessible to everyone. Our meals are sophisticated and nutritious and not complicated: lots of fruits and vegetables and a good mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Within a few minutes, ingredients are cooled to -25°C , causing very fine ice crystals to form between the cell walls (much smaller than when you freeze food in a household freezer). This ensures optimal preservation of texture, taste, and nutrients and guarantees a longer shelf life.
For a full flavor experience, we source only the highest quality ingredients. Depending on the ingredient, we always choose the crispest, finest or creamiest option we can find!
We cook exactly the way you would at home. That means we don't use E-numbers, added flavors, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers or stabilizers, preservatives, colorings, chemically modified starches or hydrogenated fats. In production, the elimination of these ingredients leads to certain costs. Finally, food is artificially preserved by additives, and flavorings intensify the taste. Enzymes make it possible to peel fruits and vegetables by machine, and emulsifiers ensure that large amounts of water can be added to the product without it being too noticeable. We promise that our products are free of unwanted chemicals and contain only healthy, good ingredients.
Our suppliers work according to the principles of sustainable farming, including crop rotations to guarantee optimal soil health and fertility. This enables a significant reduction in pesticide use: we only accept ingredients with pesticide use below of the legally permitted maximum amount (in the final product).

We support the preservation of biodiversity, as well as the maintenance and development of natural habitats. This is reflected in the quality and flavours of our dishes, because the best ingredients only come from healthy environments.
Our farmers need to sign rigorous standards and get audited regularly. Especially when raw materials come from countries that do not produce under EU standards, it goes without saying that we take responsibility for local working conditions. Each of our suppliers who produce in a so-called risk country must have a social audit (e.g. SMETA, BSCI, SA8000) carried out by an independent third party, which controls working conditions on site in order to counteract child labor, human trafficking and other abuses of labor and human rights.
We track our emissions from farm to fork. Measuring our carbon footprint starts with growing and delivering our raw ingredients, continues to production processes, packaging and shipping, the electricity consumed by the consumer for storing and heating products and ends with the rinsing of plates and pans. This provides a holistic picture and helps us to strategically target improvements where they have the greatest impact on the environment.
Our packaging solutions allow us to protect important resources. Our goal is to use the least amount of packaging possible while assuring the products’ food safety. The majority of our packaging consists of cardboard and other renewable resources: the packaging of our bowls, smoothies, bread, porridges and rawcakes is made from cardboard with a <5% PE coating that can be recycled with waste paper. The insulation mat in our delivery boxes is made of hemp.

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