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Raw cakes

A luxurious no-bake-cake. 100% raw and free of flour or refined sugar. The vegan chocolate cake you’ve always dreamed of.

8,99 € for 2 Raw Cakes

Good to know

A raw cake is simply a cake that is not baked or heated in any way. Basically a ‘no-bake-cake’. Our raw cakes are vegan oat-based cakes, encased in chocolate. The flavours Almond Bliss and Hazel Heaven are also filled with a delicious nut puree.

Our raw cakes are a no bake cake. This means that all the nutrients are perfectly preserved and don’t get compromised by coming into contact with high heat. Furthermore, we include very special ingredients. The raw cakes are completely flourless, using oats instead of flour. We sweeten them with date syrup instead of sugar and the chocolate case is made from high quality dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage.

Let's be real. Healthy desserts rarely taste good. And of course they’re not as healthy as something like fruit or vegetables. But we’ve created a very satisfying alternative to overly processed snacks that are very high in sugar and fat. Our vegan raw cakes are a delicious option for anyone with a sweet tooth or deserving of a treat yourself moment– which we all are!

Raw cakes can be eaten whenever, but are a particularly good dessert or snack option. Hazel Heaven and Almond Bliss have two pieces per portion and are therefore perfectly designed to share. Our tip: enjoy them with a coffee or matcha latte for the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up!

A vegan cake without any mixing or baking? And that in under 30 minutes? Challenge accepted. You simply need to take the raw cakes out of the freezer and let them thaw for about 30 minutes at room temperature. In case you don’t want to eat them all at once (a challenge), you can also keep them in the fridge for up to 20 days at max. 7°C. Once they’ve thawed, please don't re-freeze.

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