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Freshly pressed ginger shots. Pure and unpasteurized. Frozen for optimal freshness. Uniquely electrifying and energising.

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Our ginger shots consist of pure ginger. Completely unpasteurized and cold-pressed. This ensures that nutrients are perfectly preserved and stay fresh and spicy, ready for you to enjoy them. Pick your player: ginger or ginger-turmeric?

Ginger is considered by some to be a superfood. It has been associated with a variety of health benefits: strengthens the immune system, has anti inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants. This power-root can also be an effective antidote for nausea.

Another very versatile Every. Product! You can simply let them thaw and drink it as a pure shot. Alternatively, pour hot water over the shot and transform it into a spicy tea. Finally, you can elevate any drink (smoothie, cocktail, mocktail) and add some fiery spice to it with our ginger shots. Our tip: add a ginger shot to your Mango Morning Every. Smoothie for an electrifying start to your day!

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