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Vegan, ready-made meals delivered to your door and ready in minutes! Prepared for you with ingredients of the highest quality according to delicious recipes.

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All of our bowls are filled with nutritious ingredients that your body needs for optimal functioning. A variety of complex carbohydrates, valuable proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and superfoods. Everything you need for a nutritious diet. Chickpea-curries, lentil-dals, quinoa-bowls or sumptuous rice combinations–whatever you’re in the mood for you’ll find it in the Every. assortment!

Bowl simply refers to the type of dish in which these meals are typically eaten, instead of a plate. You can of course use any dish that you like. We used the word ‘bowl’ because we wanted to showcase the delicious variety of our vegan creations. All prepared for you with the perfect portion size to keep you full without feeling sluggish or fatigued.

*when you place an Every. order, you will receive the food, not the physical bowl.

Anything really! In our bowls you will always find purely plant-based ingredients without any additives or preservatives. Filled with fresh and crisp ingredients frozen directly after harvest. Creamy chickpea curries, flavourful falafel bowls, refreshing quinoa combinations or hearty rice bowls–the Every. menu has something for everyone! Enjoy as a quick lunch option, an effortless dinner or as a snack in between. Master any day with our plant-powered fuel!

Don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen? No motivation or inspiration to cook? Our bowls save you valuable time and offer a delicious and balanced meal in no time. No shopping, chopping or prepping necessary. Simply heat in a microwave or pan for 10 minutes, and voila! Discover a wide range of flavours in our curries, dals, pasta and rice dishes. Our bodies need a variety of nutrients for optimal performance. In our bowls you’ll find a premium combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibre and vitamins. Everything you need for an active day!

Our bowls are quick-frozen to optimally preserve the quality, taste and freshness. To prepare the bowl, simply heat it in a pan or microwave for 10 minutes (we recommend a pan). You can then eat it directly or leave it to cool off if you prefer to enjoy them cold. For the full flavour experience, our recommendation is to eat them warm and straight out of the pan.

The trend started around 10 years ago in the USA, when restaurant chains started offering deconstructed variations of foods like burritos or sushi (i.e. burrito bowl and poke bowl). Now the bowl-trend is a global phenomenon and decorates many social media platforms. You find them in different colourful varieties such as buddha-bowls, poke bowls, falafel bowls and so on. Basically they just mean combinations of different proteins, fruits and vegetables, sauces and toppings. The trend has extended to deliveries, popularising the delivery of bowls to people’s homes. This was especially relevant when many people were working from home.

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