3. August 2022

Morning Routine – Hacks for a Productive Day

Try some of our tips and integrate them into your morning for an energised and productive day!

Morning Routine – Hacks for a Productive Day

Morning Routine – Master any day!

The type of morning you have can set the tone for the rest of the day. Establishing a consistent, stress-free morning routine can help facilitate the right mindset for a productive and positive day. Each person’s morning looks different, and no routine is necessarily the best one, you have to discover what works best for you.

We’ve put together a quick guide of things to incorporate into your morning that can start you off for an energised and productive day. Try them out and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear how your morning routine might be different and what tips you have for us!

1. Have a consistent wake up time

Some days you wake up at 5.30 am, other days at 6, and sometimes you sleep in till 8! Absolutely normal and very human! However, especially during the work week, it can be really helpful to wake up at the same time consistently. Not only does this add structure to your day, but your body clock will also adjust. Even at hours that feel too early, once you start setting your alarm regularly, you’ll soon find that your body clock gets used to waking up at that hour and will do it more or less automatically!

2.  Make your bed

A small but key task. Making your bed in the morning not only makes your room look tidier and more put together, but it also sets the tone that sleep time is over, and it's time to seize the day and get stuff done. For many of us who work from home, having a tidy space facilitates a tidy and productive mind with less distractions. A made bed will also reduce the likelihood of crawling back into bed and actually starting your day.

3. Drink water

We lose a lot of hydration during sleep, so it's great to drink a large glass of water right after waking up to rehydrate your body.

4. Movement or meditation

A little bit of activity or mindfulness can be really beneficial in the morning. A short work out or stretch routine helps wake up your muscles and your mind and leaves you feeling refreshed. Meditation is useful for setting an intention for the day and to get in a clear and focused state of mind.

5. Self care

A little bit can go a long way. Cleaning your face and moisturising it is important to keep your skin healthy.

 Pro tip: if you wake up feeling puffy or swollen, put some spoons in your freezer the night before and place them under your eyes. This helps you wake up and tightens the skin for a more refreshed look.

6. To-Do lists and journalling

Not everyone has time for this, and it also doesn't have to necessarily take place in the morning. But a short journal entry or to-do list can help declutter the mind and facilitate focus. Right an intention for the day or even just something you're grateful for! A to do list for the day's agenda can also be great to hold you accountable for your tasks and make sure nothing gets forgotten!

7. Nourishment 

Again, maybe not everyone has time for this or even has an appetite in the morning. Do whatever feels best for you. For anyone who likes to sleep in, a great quick breakfast option are overnight oats, which you can prepare the night before. Find some great recipes here. Otherwise a snack on the go like a banana or a smoothie requires very little time and gives you a nutritious boost to the day. 

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