17. December 2021

Detox – Interview with Nutrition Coach Suse Leifer

We spoke with nutrition coach and CEO of Oeganics Suse Leifer to get her expertise on the hot topic of detox and what it exactly involves. 

Detox – Interview with Nutrition Coach Suse Leifer

We invited nutrition coach and CEO of Ogeanics Suse Leifer to talk about a ubiquitous topic: Detox

What is detox, anyway?

Detox is a form of detoxification. Our body detoxifies on its own every day, because detoxification is, as the name suggests, the release of toxic substances that we ingest via food, drink or other substances. 

Our body detoxifies especially through some organs:

  • The skin through sweating (sports and sauna).
  • The lungs a deep abdominal breathing supports detoxification
  • The lymph through exercise and massage transports harmful substances out of the body
  • The liver cleans the blood and filters these also pollutants.
  • About the kidney- drink a lot detoxifies so also.

One of the biggest parts of detoxification happens in the intestines, so a high-fiber diet is especially crucial for this. Suse Leifer has shared many excellent tips with us on how to keep these organs especially fit and happy, so that the body is perfectly equipped for its natural detoxification process.

Other topics include cures such as fasting, heal fasting and soft detox programs such as juice cures. We also talked to her about the psychological and physical benefits of a detoxified body and mind.

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