21. October 2021

Sustainable and Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

At Every we put a lot of emphasis on our raw materials - on their taste and quality but also on their respect for the environment and people. Therefore, we have set high standards for ourselves and our suppliers.

Sustainable and Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

We use over 500 different ingredients in our current product portfolio, from the local carrot, the Spanish tomato to exotic coconut milk or ginger. Especially when raw materials come from countries that do not produce under EU standards, it goes without saying that we take responsibility for local working conditions. Each of our suppliers who produces in a so-called risk country must have a social audit (e.g. SMETA, BSCI, SA8000) carried out by an independent third party, which controls working conditions on site in order to counteract child labor, human trafficking and other abuses of labor and Human rights. This is an integral part of our supply contracts. 

Our "Code of Conduct," which must also be signed by every supplier, regulates working conditions and compliance with them. In it, we agree, among other things, that the wages and fringe benefits paid to their workers must at least meet the minimum levels required by law and that are set by the industry. This is intended not only to cover the basic needs of the workers and their families, but also to provide disposable income.

In addition, high quality, hygiene and environmental standards such as IFS and BRC (food safety) or ISO14001 (ISO5001 energy management) are absolutely mandatory. Here, too, regular on-site audits ensure that the standards are met.