29. August 2022

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Our quick, diverse and delicious breakfast and brunch recipes will make anyone into a fan of breakfast!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast & Brunch - The perfect start to your day 

Contents of this article:

  • Nutritious breakfast ideas
  • Healthy and diverse – our breakfast ideas
  • Brunch – meals for between breakfast and lunch
  • Sweet or savoury?
  • Upgrade your office meals
  • Weekend recipes

Before we launch into our breakfast ideas, we want to tell you a bit about the first and most important meal of the day. Did you know that people who eat a regular and healthy breakfast are generally fitter? And that this can support a weight loss journey as well? The reason: a good breakfast kick starts your metabolism. A breakfast fills your energy reserves and helps avoid a blood sugar plummet. This also reduces the likelihood for unhealthy cravings throughout the day.

Don’t like eating in the morning? Then brunch is the perfect happy medium! Brunch combines meals that are ideal for breakfast or lunch. Drinking enough fluids should also start right after you wake up in the morning. Depending on your preference, coffee, tea, a glass of (infused) water or freshly pressed juice will supply your body with important liquids. 

Children especially should not skip breakfast, because it helps support concentration and ensures sufficient energy sources.

Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

General Breakfast Tips:

  • Have two breakfasts. One heavier, one lighter. This can also prevent cravings later in the day.

  • Plan your breakfast. Thanks to meal prepping, you’ll always have something healthy available.

  • Drink before breakfast. This prevents you from overeating on an empty stomach

  • Pay attention to the quality of ingredients: our products are also fresh, healthy and diverse.

These tips will help you for breakfast outside of the home or on the go

  • Breakfast and brunch buffets tend to be the opposite of a healthy, low calorie breakfast. With so many options, we tend to overeat, so be aware.

  • A substantial breakfast at a restaurant can be healthy and simple. Pay attention to the ingredients. For example, you could swap out butter for avocado or cream cheese

  • Also canteen food can have healthy options. Try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables as you can

Healthy and diverse – Our breakfast ideas

Breakfast can be as diverse and unique as you choose. There are a broad range of quick, healthy and easy options. Whether you're in the mood for sweet or savoury, there's a solution for any mood.


A savoury and healthy breakfast is very doable. Conventional bread made from white flour can be easily swapped out for whole grain alternatives that are higher in fibre and nutrients.

Vegan cream cheese or an avocado spread are a great bread topping. These also contain more flavour than something like butter or vegan butter. Vegetables should also be included: tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers not only add some juiciness to your meal, but are also high in vitamins and minerals.

Post-Workout: Avocado-Toast  (~280 kcal)

This healthy recipe is perfect for after a workout.


  • Slice of whole grain bread

  • ½ avocado

  • Additional toppings of your choice

  • Dash of lemon juice

Toast the bread and cover with your favourite spread. Slice or smash the avocado on top. Add toppings of your choice, a squeeze of lemon and some salt and pepper.

Brunch - Meals for between breakfast and lunch

Too late for breakfast but too early for lunch? Then have a healthy brunch!

Salad-Tomato-Cheese Bites (~60 kcal/portion)

For this quick recipe, you will need:

  • 1 slice of crispy bread

  • 1 TB vegan cream cheese or creme fraiche

  • 20g dried tomatoes

  • 1 garlic clove

  • Chives

  • Basil

  • Lettuce

  • Salt

  • Pepper

Combine vegan cream cheese, creme fraiche, garlic, chives and sliced tomatoes. Spread on your bread and sprinkle chopped basil- Add the salad on top and bake for 15-20 minutes at 220°C in the oven. Serve warm.

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet things typically cause a blood sugar spike, followed by an energy crash. How about swapping your chocolate spread or marmalade with a nut butter?

Your protein intake can be easily covered with a yoghurt or Skyr. You can find these in a variety of different flavours.

Brainfoods like nuts can increase your brain performance. Fruit like bananas or berries give you a natural sweetness and supply important vitamins. Healthy breakfast idea: get your daily dose of fruit with our delicious green smoothie.

These healthy breakfast ideas are ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth:

French Toast (~255 kcal / piece)

French toast offers a great and versatile breakfast. You can garnish it with fresh berries if you prefer it sweet, or with a savoury vegetable spread.

Just 10 minutes and your breakfast is done!


  • 20g chia seeds

  • 2 whole grain toasts

  • Plant based milk of your choice

  • Brown sugar or maple syrup

  • Coconut oil

Combine chia seeds with vegan milk and mix well. Place the two bread slices in the mixture and let them soak. Heat your pan and add a bit of coconut oil. Fry the toasts for a few minutes until golden brown. Then garnish with toppings of your choice.

Nut Pancakes (~150 kcal/Stück)

While pancakes contain ‘cake’ in the name, you can eat them sweet or savoury. Both options taste amazing and are an ideal option for breakfast or brunch.


  • 10g of chia seeds

  • 1 TB brown sugar

  • 100g buckwheat flour

  • 100ml plant based milk

  • ½ pack baking powder

  • Sprinkle of salt

  • Coconut oil

Combine milk, chia seeds and sugar and mix well. Add the flour, baking powder and a sprinkle of salt. Let sit for about 15 minutes. Then heat the pan with a bit of oil. Scoop a portion with a ladle into the pan. Cook until small bubbles appear, then flip. Wait till both sides are golden brown.

Upgrade your office meals

On your way out the door and in need of a quick breakfast option? No worries we have healthy, easy options that wont slow you down.

Overnight oats are a great fast option. Simply combine oats and milk of your choice in a glass, and store in the fridge overnight. Top with vegan yoghurt, fruit, nuts or seeds. Take them with you to work.

An unsweetened cereal is a great source of fibre and complex carbohydrates that will give you a good energy boost to start the day, without any cooking!

Chia-Pudding (~150 kcal)

Chia seeds are a great superfood that can be transformed into a delicious breakfast. Simply combine with vegan milk of your choice and let sit overnight in the fridge. Top with toppings of your choice. In a jar, they're also great for on the go.

For the Weekend

Vegan Belgian Waffles (~200-300 kcal)

Waffles are a great reminder of childhood favourites. This recipe is easy and quick and can also be taken for on the go. 

For this recipe you will need a waffle iron and the following ingredients:

  • 50g flour

  • 6g brown sugar or stevia

  • 1 tsbp baking powder

  • Sprinkle of salt

  • 10g of chia-seeds

  • Vegan butter

  • Vegan butter milk

Combine the vegan butter, sugar and chia seeds together. Add flour, baking powder, salt and vegan buttermilk. Use a ladle to scoop a portion into the waffle iron. Let sit for 5 minutes until fully cooked. 

Tips for toppings: fresh berries or a nut butter are the perfect addition!

Vegan Banana Bread (~200 kcal/Stück)

Curious what the banana bread hype is all about? This recipe will help you understand!


  • 3 bananas

  • Oil (coconut or olive)

  • 100g sugar or stevia

  • 20g chia seeds

  • 200g flour

  • Sachet baking powder

  • Vegan yoghurt (adds moistness!)

  • 1 stick of vanilla

  • Salt

  • Cinnamon

Heat your oven at 180°C. Smash the bananas and scratch out the content of the vanilla stick. Combine the remaining ingredients and mix well. Grease your baking dish to avoid sticking. Fill the dish with the mixture and place in the oven. Let bake for 55 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool for approximately 15-20 minutes. Tipp: a bit of nut butter is the perfect add on!

With our easy and healthy breakfast ideas, we hope anyone will discover a love for breakfast and start their day well!

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