We’re far from perfect and we’re not ashamed to say it. Being open about flaws in our supply chain holds us accountable and motivates us to constantly find ways in which we can improve our products and facilitate better transparency.

It is our utmost priority to select practices that are gentle on the environment and mindful of resources. Through responsible and conscious consumerism we can protect the environment and ensure natural resources are well maintained. Here are some of the things we have done so far to help the planet thrive.


We source all of our raw ingredients locally, to the best of our ability. The majority of our vegetables come from the Rhein valley, also known as the Tuscany of Germany. The climate is ideal there, with temperatures so warm, that even herbs like Coriander and Basil can flourish as pictured below.

For our more exotic ingredients, we adhere to strict social sustainability criteria and the highest ecological standards. Once harvested, all of our ingredients are immediately shock frozen, preserving that farmed freshness.

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We are dedicated to food production that prioritizes the environment. Every step of the way, along our entire supply chain, we opt for the lowest carbon-emitting practice. This starts with our farmers. We avoid heated greenhouse gases entirely, and let our fruit and vegetables grow and ripen naturally under the sun. Not only is this better for the environment, we guarantee you’ll taste the difference. Once harvested, we shock freeze our ingredients. This eliminates the need for time-sensitive transport, so we can avoid airplanes and take a longer, more sustainable route.

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Nurtured by the sun, watered by the rain, harvested at peak ripeness and immediately shock frozen. That’s the Every. way and the most effective form of natural conservation. The advantage: our ingredients don’t need the assistance of preservatives or additives to guarantee fresh taste and textures, so we’ve abandoned them entirely. Shock freezing simultaneously helps reduce food waste. Our products are long-lasting, so expiration dates won’t dictate what you have to eat or when. Simply store your Every. products in your freezer, and enjoy when it suits you.

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This is not your average supply chain. Ours is shorter, more transparent and more sustainable. Thanks to direct sourcing, we have a close relationship with our suppliers and can trace each ingredient. This facilitates 100% transparency from farm to fork. By cutting out middlemen, we also avoid unnecessary transport paths or wasteful re-packaging.


Landfill and non-degradable waste contradicts everything we stand for, so we exclusively use packaging, isolation and cooling materials made out of renewable materials. The insulation layer is made of hemp and biodegradable. Our products are packaged in multi-purpose, superstar paper. All made from renewable resources and 100% recyclable. Waste paper has the best recycling quota in Germany: 78% of it is reused. This is in stark contrast to plastic; of which only 40% gets reused. The rest is burned or ends up in the ocean.

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Every. helps you be an environmentally conscious consumer. Not just because our packaging is sustainable and recyclable, but also because we cook in large quantities. This means that overall less packaging is required. No plastic, no waste. Everything inedible left over from our raw ingredients stays with our farmers and is returned directly to the nutrient cycle as fertilizer. Our products are ideally portioned for waste-free satiety. Combined with frozen storage and long-lasting quality, there’s never any reason to throw food out.


Try as we might, certain carbon emissions cannot be avoided. However, the good news is that by working with our partner, everything we do emit is balanced out to equal zero. Our carbon footprint takes our entire production into account, encompassing each step from planting our crops to cleaning your plate. Currently, each product emits 0.9 kg CO2e. This puts us far below the average output per meal in Germany (approx. 2.3 kg CO2e). We are continuously optimizing our data collection. We’re looking forward to sharing insights of our journey with you and offer detailed information of the carbon footprint of each individual Every. bowl.

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We at Every. believe that each of us can make a valuable contribution to a sustainable future. With this in mind, we work in a CO2-neutral and resource-saving way. We try to improve every day! Sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay informed about our progress.